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SR2O Holdings, LLC is our Parent Company based out of Oklahoma City.

Scrap Rubber, Plastics, Municipal Solid Waste, Contaminated Soil and Biomass Feedstocks…SR2O captures hydrocarbons to produce top grade commodity renewable and biofuels for todays consumers.

We are Hydrocarbon Recovery Specialists and have the team and infrastructure to accomplish goals of energy generation to next generation fuels.

Scrap Rubber 2 Oil

Scrap tires are an immense problem. Our Municipal Tire recycling solution processes over 240 tons of scrap tires per day, in a clean controlled environment.

Our proven, continuous feed system is now in its 3rd  generation design with advanced refining enhancements that produce advanced renewable fuels and high quality activated carbons used for water purification and reducing air emissions.

Advanced Bio Fuels

Proper evaluation of feedstock and supply is critical in the emerging biofuels industry.  There are key processing parameters that determine the appropriate equipment and configuration for each unique feedstock.

The comprehensive approach that has been taken to maximize yields and product quality have allowed SR2O to create drop-in ready fuels from several types of biomass. With a properly managed feedstock supply, fuels can be produced and sold in markets at equivalent pricing to petroleum based fuels.

Soil Recovery 2 Oil

Our approach to soil reclamation or remediation and hydrocarbon recovery is developed for each specific site.
Our processes and flexible equipment configurations typically incinerate toxic or hazardous materials after any entrained valuable hydrocarbon material is extracted.

Examples of extractable materials are oils, asphaltenes and other valuable hydrocarbons that are further processed to maximize the market value of the final products.

About Our Company

The Company has assembled a top shelf, cohesive management team of experts who will oversee the employment of new technologies, and energy sources, in an environmentally friendly manner. Our Team carries diverse degrees and professional experience and has come together with one common goal to achieve…the creation of green energy through existing and renewable resources and to reduce or remove our footprint in all areas we touch. SR2O’s focus is to be good stewards of our natural resources and our environment whereby we will be creating new, quality jobs for long term community sustainability.

Our approach towards green energy and renewable products allows us to author a unique business model of starting from ground up on one or several projects in tandem, and still achieve our customer’s goals.  The business model allows us to oversee each project separately because each project has their own management and experts in their specific field of technology.

Over 8 years has been spent in the design and development of our facilities by the review and purchasing/licensing of patented processes, testing patented technologies, engineering/development, and downstream product enhancement; receiving International insurance approvals.

SR2O Holdings, LLC is Proudly located in Oklahoma City, OK-USA.

SR2O Holdings, LLC
600 N. Walker Ave.
Suite 230
Oklahoma City. OK  73102
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    Michael Clemons


    His extensive background in Business Mergers & Acquisitions has demonstrated valuable expertise in marketing and the business development of SR2O Holdings, LLC. He developed one of the largest firearm wholesale businesses in the United States by providing fill in service for TG&Y Retail Stores. He was instrumental in developing and pioneering a New Marine Stern Drive competing with Mercruiser and Volvo. He achieved and entered this highly competitive market by building and managing 12 new retail boat stores in the South East United States.

    Mike also has owned and operated his own boat dealership in Oklahoma. Other accomplishments include as a business owner operator of a Pharmacy Recruiting Agency with clients such as Omni Care, Rite Aid, Eckerd’s and Kmart. Most recent accomplishments Mike built and managed a new start up which became one of the largest business brokerage companies in the state of Oklahoma. Mike valued over 2,000 businesses with FNBC- Oklahoma.
    Seven years ago Mike left all of his ventures to develop SR2O Holdings, LLC and bring to market new emerging waste to energy and bio-fuel technologies. He has developed strategic partners with Trane, Plant Process Equipment and Flintco to assist his development for these technologies. Mike considers him self the glue that brought the team together. As CEO of SR2O Holdings, LLC he considers this team as a Global Leader in Bio Fuels and Waste to Energy Technologies.

    His expertise will also be utilized in identifying and negotiating opportunities with local economic leaders in regards to incentives for property tax abatements, tax incentives and funding.

    Most importantly Mike puts God and Family first in his life. His broad range of business ownership and start-ups gives him the expertise in opening new markets and he knows what it takes to get the job done.

    Andre Thomas


    Andre has a diverse global solutions background as a consultant providing logistics, purchasing, inventory, manufacturing and accounting systems implementations and business analytics.  He has vast knowledge in prepared testing plans for phased implementation support and providing the infrastructure for match business requirement testing methodologies. He was instrumental in the review and adjustment of financials to increase the value and credibility of business run operations, as well as consulted on downstream efficiencies of production environments to increase yield and profitability.

    Systems Professional with expertise in preparing presentations, identifying critical business issues, project management, developing requirements, project plans, and program specifications for process manufacturing, assembly to order manufacturing, activity based costing, maintenance management, payroll, human resource and accounting computerized solutions.  Skilled in ensuring the proposed system reflect the user requirements in a cost-effective manner, designing systems consistent with long-term corporate objectives; effective teamwork with users and technical staff to ensure applications are delivered on schedule and thoroughly tested.

    Assisted in the development of account strategy, collected data,  analyze data, determine implementation strategy and disseminate key competitors strategies and product strengths and weaknesses for companies such as Nike, General Motors, Rohm Hass, Catholic Healthcare West, Marcam Corporation, JD Edwards, Infinium Software, Motorola, DPS Humans Resources, Gilroy Foods, ConAgra Meats, and Ameron HC & D.

    Andre’s Project Management/consulting position with Alberta Pacific Forest Industry, Inc. engaged him into his first biomass projects; specifically, pulp paper manufacturing.  There he was introduced to their processing facility where he was  the project manager and applications systems consultant with project responsibilities for the implementation of business, operational, manufacturing, logistics, and maintenance applications; managed other independent consultants in the areas of inventory control, accounts payable and purchasing; implemented Marcam’s Inventory Control, Purchasing, Accounts Payable and Maintenance Management applications as well as Software 2000’s Accounts Payable, Project Management, Fixed Assets and ShowCase Strategy; developed and designed the application interfaces to standardize the AS/400, DEC and RS6000 platforms; developed training manuals and hands-on instruction for executives and departmental staff; hardware and software conversions encompassed manual to machine, service bureau to machine and machine to machine conversions.

    Working with fortune 500 companies internationally and domestically he has expertise in preparing presentations, identifying critical business issues, program management, developing requirements, project plans, and program specifications. During Andre’s travels as a consultant, he rarely was able to visit his family in Oklahoma.  As he worked for various companies he started a new path and became securities licensed in the state of Oklahoma, near his family. He transitioned himself as a licensed lender.  Andre was a supervised lender for commercial and residential properties assisting private individuals and companies in acquiring land and properties.  His knowledge in investors and investment companies in acquisitions provided him the ability to help people realize their commercial and personal goals of ownership.

    Andre had always been involved in the finance area specific to the development of new and existing businesses.  It was in 2005 that Andre met Mike Clemons, who was working on the development and funding for his new emerging tire recycling business.  He soon became the key partner for financial structure, funding advice and alternative financing options/risk.

    Andre’s role as President of SR2O Holdings has benefited the company in making financially sound and secure decisions based upon his wealth of knowledge gained from his experiences.

    Lance Ochs

    Senior Vice President – Operations

    Prior to joining SR2O Holdings, Lance worked over 20+ years in the technology solutions field for various large companies such as CIT Financial, Kinko’s, IKON Business Solutions and Bernina of America. His real passion always has brought him back to working with start-ups that have become highly successful; such as Dakota Collectibles, RMR Prodiesel, Heritage Press, DocSoft and Long Wave, Inc.

    As part of business development for these companies, he spent over 8 of those years developing/securing Government contracts and grants on the State, Federal, and local levels.

    During his time in business, he has held leadership roles in multiple functions including; Creative Director, Director of Business Development, Marketing Director, Software Development Lead, Shipping Logistics Manager, and consulted in various positions in regards to manufacturing, operations development and management.

    Mr. Ochs has successfully developed and managed new product introductions/distributorships with partners in North America, Europe, and Australia. He has extensive experience in reviewing and identifying key internal processes to ensure better product cost, quality, and delivery. He has also implemented many development and logistics strategies that have led to a higher standard of supplier performance, profitability and ability to meet revenue.

    • Managed team in several successful proposal responses to Government solicitations awarded from Navy and Department of Defense (DoD).
    • Developed and marketed start-up’s boutique software/hardware and creating new markets.
    • Established, Managed and Negotiated International distributorships in the specialized software market, controlling 97% of the international market.
    • Negotiated and developed hardware and software interface design and process flow.
    • Developed completely automated active RFID tracking system used in cargo shipping industry in Australia and New Zealand.
    • Managed development, design, real-time tracking and logistical control for aircraft maintenance, parts, flight schedule and personnel from single screen reporting and re-assignment system.
    • Developer for Interactive Electronic Technical Manuals (IETMS) for military aircraft.