Our Focus on Recovering Plastics to Produce Drop in Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel
Typical chipped plastics captured for recycling

Plastics to Fuel and Energy

Plastics are created primarily from energy feedstocks, typically natural gas or oil (mostly natural gas in the United States). The hydrocarbons that make up plastics are embodied in the material itself, essentially making plastics a form of stored energy, which can be turned into a liquid fuel source.

Plastics-to-fuel is one of several technologies that can play a role in converting non-recycled plastics into valuable energy (gasification and refuse-derived fuel are two others). Due to the variance of management of recovered plastic, it is important for individual regions/municipalities to understand which technology has the highest return.

Scrap Resin 2 Oil Division is dedicated to assisting municipalities, industrial plastic manufacturers and regions interested in an economic approach to managing plastic waste.

The promise of plastics-to-fuel is particularly exciting as an option to recover materials that today may be buried, or in some regions, illegally dumped or burned in open pits due to inadequate waste management infrastructure. The new facilities could create local revenue for communities in parts of the world where trash has become a hazard and a large source of marine litter.


Percent of Plastic Bottles Recycled

Millions of Plastic Bottles used in USA Per Day


Percentage of PET Bottles Ending up in Landfills Every Year

Billions of Styrofoam Cups Disposed Yearly in USA

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Usually, questions become very specific to the nature of your municipality/regional needs within a conversation.  Our FAQ’s questions are simple and are in the top  generic questions asked to SR2O.

    If you have any questions, comments or needs for your local area, please feel free to contact us.

    What type of clients do you work with?

    SR2O Establishes our own facilities in areas that we have specifically chosen based upon our knowledge of feedstock.  However, we have been approached by City municipalities, County and State agencies about our solutions. We have various methodologies in bringing our technology to your local area along with options for financing a solution that fits your City, County or State.

    What is Development time?

    Depending upon where you are at in your local development process, and the data available or gathered, SR2O typically sees a 12-18 month development cycle, depending upon site location, financing, fabrication scheduling, etc.

    Do you have an affiliate program?

    At this point and time we do not have anyone except ourselves representing SR2O, or our subsidiary company’s.